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Cherrie Amour is a Baltimore-based award-winning poet/author who writes about love, life and relationships. She created the poetry series, "Words, Wine & Wings" which she hosts at a variety of venues throughout the Baltimore, MD area. Amour's first book of poetry Free to Be Me, Poems on Love, Life and Relationships is a poetry memoir that details her life from childhood to adulthood and her geographic journey from the Caribbean to the U.S. Her poem Hermoso Negro in her book, a tribute to her father won honorable mention in the 2013 Allan Ginsberg Poetry Award contest. Her work has been published in Poet's Ink, Paterson Literary Review and Understorey Magazine. She is working on her second book of poetry set for release in 2019. 

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Words, Wine & Wings 7 Poetry Show &Open Mic

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Next Phaze Cafe, 112 East Lexington Street, Baltimore, MD

Words, Wine & Wings "7" is the seventh poetry show in this dynamic poetry series. An open mic, 5 dynamic poets who will share their poetry on the theme, "Race," incl. Lamar Hill (Baltimore), Shelly Says So (Baltimore), Ashley Elizabeth (Baltimore), Queen Pheen (Baltimore) and Charles Stokes (Bethesda, MD): two amazing vendors: sheaQuench and Paparrazi accessories and of course, wine & wings all take center stage.

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