About Cherrie Amour

Cherrie Amour is a Baltimore-based poet/author who writes about love, life and relationships. Her first book of poetry ree to Be Me, Poems on Love, Life and Relationships is a poetry memoir that details her life from childhood to adulthood. The poem Hermoso Negro, a tribute to her father won a 2013 Allan Ginsberg Poetry Award and is featured in the 2014 Paterson Literary Review. Amour also has two spoken word CDs "Love's Journey" and "ilovemesomewords." Her eclectic background serves as a strong influence in both her performances and her writing (she was born in the Caribbean and grew up in Canada).

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Detroit Public Library 150th Anniversary Celebration!

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Detroit Public Library- Edison Branch, 8400 Joy Rd, Detroit, MI, 48228


Detroit Public Library (DPL) 150th Anniversary Celebration featuring: Naomi Long Madgett, Saul Williams, Jessica Care Moore, Cherrie Amour, Keir Jackson and Mark James Andrews

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